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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Uh oh!

Zander's new word, as of Saturday, is "uh-oh". He's still figuring out what is the right context but it's a lot of fun to watch him work very hard at correctly forming the syllables. He also likes to spend large chunks of the day just blowing air out his lips (kind of like a raspberry, only not pinch-lipped). If there's a term for it, it's escaping me right now.

He had a great time with my ball-winder last week:
Just wait until he figures out how to tangle yarn with it!

He also had his first spaghetti dinner last week. No big deal. Matt wasn't even there and I didn't realize this was his first dinner of pasta AND sauce until it was more than half over. As you can see.
Next time we'll strip him down for the full effect. Naked babies are good canvases for their own art de pasta!

There are some even better pictures out there of Zander's recent adventures. I am currently in negotiations to receive copies of these photos. The pictures of which I speak are true blackmail material. The kind of thing, as Matt put it, Zander will find a destroy when he is a teenager. But the beauty of digital is the ease with which we can duplicate. Bwahahaha!


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