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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


It's not exactly earth shattering news - only so much of that we can all take, eh? - but I gave Zander his first taste of cow juice today. It's less than two weeks to his first birthday and I doubt this is going to replace nursing anyway, so the timing is fine. Just a couple ounces to see how he digests it - and if he would drink it but this is Zander we're talking about. He'll eat just about anything.

For all you complainers out there, here's a picture:
(taken 4/19/06)

He spends a lot of time opening and closing doors.
(taken 4/5/06)

He doesn't sleep as much as he used to. But after we got home from Boston I stopped responding to his 2 am requests for a nightcap and now we are back to the 5-6am milk truck. Small favors.

Yesterday morning he made a dash for the stairs but then realized Matt was standing right by the door, about to leave for work. He backed down the stairs (which is huge in itself), ran over to Matt, and threw his arms around his leg. He might have even said "da-da" (which he can say, that's not new). It was clear Zander didn't want Matt to leave. Although he can wave we have yet to see him wave goodbye to his father in the morning. He just stands at the door and watches him walk down that long sidewalk to the car.

Not much else to report. He's a very busy boy. He's cheerful. Strong-willed. Likes to say "mamamamamamama" in a whiney voice when he's not getting what he wants. Or "dadada" if I am disciplining him. He's all charm.


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