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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Happy Ten and a Half Months!

Oops, it's been two weeks. Two weeks and a day. Sorry to all those fans who check every day. We're still alive and well. Zander's walking and talking. He's almost running, in his unsteady, toddling kind of way. He says mamamama and sometimes dada and I think he also says hi. He loves playing with rubber balls (and telephones and remote controls and knitting needles). He was pretty cranky yesterday - this morning Matt spied a new bottom tooth that's working it's way out into the light of day.

Yesterday, in the middle of a shopping trip at Meijer, Zander started waving. We've been teaching this to him for many weeks. Thankfully, there are lots of opportunities to wave to people while out at a store. Today, he can't be bothered so who knows what will happen on Sunday when he goes to see his great-grandma Joan and fam.

You know those marbelized rubber balls that are kept in big mesh cages at the store? Zander had a smashing time playing with one of those on Saturday while we were at a friend's wedding shower. So I got him a nurf ball at Meijer and he and his cousin Tessa are tearing up my living room right now.

Zander's been trying to eletrocute himself lately - he's fascinated with outlets, of which there are only three in the house he can really get to and not much I can do about them except install those faceplates that twist to cover the plug when it's not being used. Doesn't stop him from pulling out the CO monitor upstairs or unplugging the living room lamp. So he's been getting one minute time-outs in his crib when he ignores me hollaring at him to stay away. Yesterday I was taking him out of his crib after his time-out and I was explaining to him why this was a bad choice, etc, when he sassed me! He screwed up his face and went "ehhh!" In retrospect, probably that's what I look and sound like when I'm yelling at him to keep away from the outlet.


I need a break but I'm not really going to get one soon so I'm going to go to the yarn store right now for some retail therapy. Zander, don't do like your mom does.


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