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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hey baby, what's your sign?

(Bed hair, 2/20/06)

Today at Target Zander took a ride in the buggy (as they say down south). He wasn't having any of that sitting in the hard plastic car seat-like attachment that some store carts have. Oh no. And I already knew that putting him the in the front seat was going to be tenuous at best - the seat belts don't fit him well and after not very long he decides he's sick of it all and starts to whine, try and stand, slump to and fro, etc. I know, not news in the kid dept. Nothing unusual.

So I plunked him in the basket and rolled along slowly. He played with things I put in there with him but mostly practiced standing, hands holding either side of the cart for balance, and watching where we were going like DiCaprio and Winslet in Titanic. It was great. No whining. No accidents. Only one item pitched over the side (my vitamins).

If this becomes our M.O. for shopping for the next few years, well, I suppose it will help us save on the grocery bill. There's only so much one can fit in the front seat since anything that goes in the basket has obviously been put there for Zander to step on.


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