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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Faster than a speeding bullet...

Zander is so fast...crawling...cruising...babbling. He's figuring lots of stuff out really fast. While he is the master of clearing all horizontal surfaces within his reach, a few days ago he grabbed a cup (thankfully empty and plastic) and tried to drink from it. He also, when shooed away from pushing keys on Matt's laptop, went over to the desktop computer and played with the keyboard there. If you pick up a remote, he immediately looks to the TV/stereo.

And then there's the Teletubbies. Brightly colored, baby-shaped, cooing, dancing, living in a hyper-paradisical world of grassy hills dotted with giant flowers and bunnies. Damn but he loves the Teletubbies. He loves the baby-sun best. Whenever the baby-sun appears, he laughs outloud. I have to say, as strange as they may seem to us adults, the creators (also adults? Is that possible?) really got a lot of things right. Genuises of developmental psychology.

Like Matt mentioned earlier, we've been working on saying da-da and ma-ma and waving. He suddenly started saying da-da the other night and so far it's a great game to him because he sees us get excited and happy. I haven't seen him waving and he's still working on ma-ma. He watches our mouths intently but has yet to try it out. One of our books said the da sound comes first and easier than the ma sound. Guess so.

Although it's nothing new, has been the case for several weeks or more, Zander gets very happy to see Matt when he gets home from work in the afternoon. He also enjoys his mornings getting dressed by daddy.

For the past week Zander has been the near-champion of the baby poop-wrestling olympics. Need I say more? Sometimes he is willing to let you take his diaper off but rarely will he let himself be distracted from rolling over and sitting or standing up on his changing table, poopy butt and all.

Ah, this is love, raw and uncensored.


At 7:21 PM, Blogger GeeTerry said...

Where's the picture?!? I feel cheated. Zander feels cheated. We want to see the mighty boy!


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