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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Can you see it?

(It's that little white sliver just left of center on his bottom gum.)

Zander sprouted a tooth on Sunday. His great-grandma Joan saw it. We were out on a walk and apparently he was screaming his fool-head off and the sun was shining just so. . . . It was all very sudden - Matt and I haven't been experiencing any unusual fussiness from Z or other teething symptoms. But when we got back and felt the tooth, we did notice that he was pink-cheeked and a little on the warm side. I think we gave him Tylenol that night to help all of us sleep. I guess baby Motrin would be better but in good conscience I would have to call the pediatrician's office, blah blah blah. He's had a dose or two of baby Orajel this week when having a screaming fit over tooth pain (my guesstimate since nothing else worked but the numbing gel).

Otherwise, he's a cruisin' kinda boy. He's getting into everything. He delights in clearing off our coffee table and the bottom shelf of DVDs. He is just tall enough to hang on to the knobs on the stereo - which of course he is having a love affair with. He knows that music comes out of it and the equilizer makes cool patterns...and he is drawn to it like a moth to a flame. He likes to pull things off the fridge. He likes to climb under furniture - from where it is more difficult to extract him!

The funniest part is the chasing. He knows there are certain areas we don't want him to get into like where the cat food is (which is also by the basement stairs) and under the computer desk (cords and dust) and I SWEAR he waits until my back is literally turned and then QUIETLY crawls to these forbidden lands. When I see him and give my reprimand so that he knows he's caught, he giggles and tries to crawl away fast. THIS is really funny. Because what actually happens is that he loses all coordination and ends up on his belly with his arms and legs madly flapping while he continues to giggle and tries to get his hands and feet under himself to crawl away.

Matt and Zander came up with a new game the other night which consists of back and forth stealing of a pacifier. The baby found this enormously funny and laughed everytime his father mercilessly snatched the binky every time he was JUST about to put it in his mouth. And he had no problem stealing it back. The next day I popped a binky in my mouth to give it a cursory cleaning and Zander stole it away from me before I realized what was happening. Heh.

That's my boy.


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