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Monday, December 12, 2005

Finger Foods

He can feed himself. Mercy. I can sit at the table reading a book, eating my breakfast with Zander sitting next to me in his high chair eating his breakfast. We did it this morning, as you saw above.

He loves these things. They're Amaranth Cereal Snaps - y'know, avoiding wheat and all. When they get a little bit wet they start sticking so usually half end up stuck to his clothes and face and hands. They taste like nothing but he loves 'em just the same.

He's talking up a storm. Other people don't usually get to hear it because he gets really quiet whenever we go somewhere new. Too busy taking in new information. But right now he's talking talking talking (to his toys), more complicated sounds than before. I guess he's getting into more of those consonant-vowel combinations. I can't say which - there are several all at once: blah , ga, la, wa, da, ra, etc. It'll be Da-da any day now.


At 3:17 PM, Blogger gummybear said...

How cute!


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