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Thursday, November 10, 2005


I don't know what it is but Zander loves tags lately. Don't ask me; all the other six-month-olds are doing it.

He also desperately wants to type on the keyboard and dial the phone. Since he barely ever naps, I have to do these things with him in tow. Which is really why I have not been posting more often. Right now he's happy-clingy baby. But other times he's just clingy. Whiney.

We recently went through a few weeks where Zander was waking me up all night long. We're not necessarily out of the woods yet either but last night was better than most. Hence my coherency today. Unlike yesterday.

He's still working on his pre-crawling skills. He's pretty proficient at rolling and worming his way around. His favorite place to hang out is under the coffee table:

Nice cardigan! Grandma Terry made that one. Thanks GeeTerry. Zander says he would like another one in the next size up.

Zander is also immensely enjoying the hillbilly children's CD that "Auntie" Jen G. sent him. Really really. When I turn it on (it begins with children singing the ABCs) he is completely transfixed, stares at the equilizer and listens. He will lay there and do nothing but listen for four or five songs in a row without moving - longer than some of his naps. Yey for Auntie Jen! Zander gives it two slobbery thumbs up - the highest baby accolade. (For other parents out there who are interested it's Big Smith & Family From Hay to Zzzzzz.)

Zander lounging on the couch like daddy. This sideways position must be part of the pre-crawling skill set because he's doing it all the time these days. And then he falls backwards and bangs his head on our hardwood floors. Ouch. But he only realizes that he's banged his head about 30% of the time.

And notice how this outfit is a bit short in the leg (all the Carter's clothes are like that on him). Probably the last time he'll ever wear it. And this was the first clothing I bought for him, when I was about five months pregnant. -sigh- My baby is getting so big! He's heavy now. -sigh-


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