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Monday, October 17, 2005

No Freakin' Way

Way. Dude.

Thursday, in his bath, Zander showed he has the ferocity to take on a horde of mad ducks. Here he is seen making an example out of one to keep the others in line.

Friday, he climbed under a blanket. He learned that from the cats.

Err - or he rolled over and took a flap of blanket with him, from which he then peeked back at me: "Look at me, mom!"

Saturday was Zander's day of rest. Ours too, effectively.

Although we lack photographic evidence, Sunday he kept eyeing my inkle loom, which is currently strung with a project. He rolled toward it twice. I finally had to move it when he managed to grab the strings. He would have either pulled the strings off and/or pulled the loom down on top of himself.

Babyproof my house? What's that?

Also on Sunday - caught on camera this morning - when standing in front of his Leapfrog noisy toy (because he won't sit down), instead of playing with the buttons and other fun, colorful things it has, he IMMEDIATELY grabbed the top of it and proceeded to hoist himself up. Where the hell did he learn to do this?

Let me make it very clear - Zander cannot walk, crawl, or even sit up without some help staying balanced. So he's skipping all that and going straight from rolling to climbing?

No freakin' way.


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