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Monday, September 26, 2005

Keep on rollin'

Zander has done a couple of multiple rolls today combined with (finally) rolling over his right shoulder. All firsts.

He likes to suck on his thumb . . . when he can figure out which one that is.

He didn't think much of the squash we gave him last night and tonight. But then this particular squash (buttercup?) was not my favorite either (acorn or butternut is better). He ate it all though. Every last bite. Just made some faces at us in the process.

I've taken to hiding in the kitchen to eat while he is playing in the living room. Sad, I know, but then he's not hollering at me and making us both crazy.

Zander LOVES to be outside. Somehow it is the perfect combination of cool things to look at but still peaceful and not overstimulating.

Oh and not to neglect the kitty content... Cujo and Zoot these past few weeks have suddenly discovered what fun it is to tear like hell all over the townhouse chasing each other. It's pretty funny. We don't have much in the way of straightaways but we do have TWO full size sets of stairs.

A scene from last week, after playing hard, he crashed right there on the living room floor. Luckily his parents love him enough to throw a blanket over him...


At 8:57 AM, Blogger GeeTerry said...

Gee Zander. I hope your parents don't trip over you?


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