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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

And for my next trick

We don't know how he did it. GeeTerry went to get Zander from his Labor Day afternoon nap and found him chewing on a sock covered fist. All were interviewed and none admitted to moving the sock. Nevermind that Zander would have been very surly if someone had woken him up during his nap to do anything that involved moving his hands or feet. He has pulled his socks off while falling asleep or waking up from naps. Loves dem feets, he does. Now he's just taken it to the next level. Go baby!

Last time we convened at this here blog, Zander was blowing raspberries. Well, that lasted about two days. Then he discovered what we call his "whale song." When happy, especially when being tickled or kissed, Zander would give off these long high peels of joyful sound. He practiced that for about two days. Then for a day he was occasionally doing this funny mouth movement that looks like chewing. Not while he was watching us eat but we still wonder.

Since Monday he's being doing a decent cranky act - crying and fussing and making me CRAZY. I think he's learning to use his temper as a tool, sigh. But then afterward we talk about it and he tells me that he still loves me, he just has communication problems and we make up.


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