This blog is dedictated to our son, Zander.

Monday, August 22, 2005


It was a bit cold this morning and hasn't really warmed up. I'm not complaining - I'm a sweater-weather gal myself. Zander, however, got dressed this morning in his usual tank romper style. By the first diaper change after breakfast we had added socks. After lunch, I tried to layer him with the gorgeous Aran baby sweater that our Scottish friend Andy's mom made. The arms are still too long but it would have worked if Zander had stopped crying (he was crying before I put the sweater on him - I don't think it was scratchy, I think he was still cold, bare knees and all). So we sadly set the sweater aside and dressed him in a footed sleeper. Now I only have his hot head and cold hands to worry about.

The sleeper is really cute, multi-colored horizontal stripes. I believe it was given to Zander by Dan & Liz Ingraham. I think what's really charming about it, though, is that he looks like an older baby just because he's wearing a different style of clothing than usual, a style that shows off his overall shape.

He's happily chewing on his hands while perched on my knee, watching me type one-handed. Shouldn't you be taking a nap, my little son? You're dressed the part.


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