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Monday, August 08, 2005

The glass teat

Zander has discovered the TV. I don't know that he can see the screen clearly but he notices the color and motion. If I turn him away from the TV, he will twist his head over his shoulder to keep his eyes on the screen. Our days of watching whatever we want with baby in the room are numbered. He also watches me work on the computer and cruise the Internet. Techno-babe.

Other news from this weekend - Zander didn't poop for a week - again! But he finally cut loose on Sunday afternoon. We gave him the ol' apple juice treatment. He seems to be developing quite the taste for it too. The last couple of bottles he sucked down as fast as he could.

What was especially funny was when I was playing with him after his last bottle (only one ounce of watered down baby apple juice!) - he was very bright-eyed and chirpy and laughed at everything I did over and over again. Matt took one look and said the baby was hopped up on the sugar from the apple juice. Or something! He was more excited than any other time I've seen - and I pretty much see them all.

Oh but the best part is his fat little baby thighs - he has a gigantic roll of fat on each upper thigh. I love 'em.


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