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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Growing Pains

It is both exhilerating and terrifying to have a little baby going through a growth spurt. Exhilerating to have more than an hour to myself - and fair certainty of that hour plus. Baby goes down to sleep and stays there. For a long time. I knit. I write. I go buy groceries for my sister's birthday dinner. I marvel at all the time I suddenly have.

On the terrifying side, I haven't really worried, until now, about SIDS since the first week of Zander's life and the 6-week growth spurt (we missed the 3-week one since there was really no schedule to our lives at that time). I find myself tiptoeing up to him and staring staring staring to see if his little chest is rising up and down like it should be. Then, if I am not sure, I reach out to touch him, half hoping I will startle him awake. And what do you know! I do startle him awake! And there never was a sorrier sight (or sound) than a very tired baby rudely awakened. Oy.


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