This blog is dedictated to our son, Zander.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Zander has discovered his mouth. He sucks on his fist, any fabric that lies in the vacinity of his face, as well as arms and knuckles. He doesn't reach for and grab things yet, but if he finds your finger in his grasp and feels so inclined, he will stick the hand-holding-finger combo in his mouth.

He's been working at sitting up straight. While sitting up with his big ol' head hanging down, he likes to watch his toes wiggle. In general, he's spending a lot more time as a happy, alert baby. He smiles, coos, wiggles his eyebrows (or raises one eyebrow - gee, I wonder where he's seen that?), and yesterday he added razzing his lips to his repetoire.

Finally . . . there's been an issue this past week with Zander not pooping. The pediatric nurse told us to use pediatric glycerin suppositories cut in half lengthwise after three days. That produced a small result overnight. But four days later, again there's no poop and now little ZeeBob is starting to be unusually fussy, not eating well, etc. I try another suppository and within minutes he's grunting and turning red as he fills his diaper like a champ. Go baby! Hopefully that's the end of it . . . but if not, the package did come with 12 suppositories.


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