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Monday, June 20, 2005


I am going to try and type up some of the things from the day Zander was born that I don't want to forget ... so here we go

Carol was in labor Friday Morning. She went into labor really early in the morning (3-4) when her water broke. We quickly called the hospital as we had been instructed. They told us to hang out until her contractions where 5 minutes apart and lasting 1 minute long, or 12 hours had passed. Once they got to that point, we were suppose to call again. So, we started walking, and walking, and walking. At around 9 am her contractions were finally around 5 minutes apart and lasting 1 minute each.

Carol called the phone number for the Nurse-midwife and answered a few questions. They had to then page the midwife, who was suppose to call us back. Carol hung up the phone and we sat in the kitchen waiting with baited breath for the return call. A minute or so later, the phone rings and Carol answers the phone. The hospital packing list was running through my head. The next thing I heard was Carol saying, "I'm in labor here, so if your not my midwife, I don't want to talk with you!"

A telemarketer with really bad timing must have been really confused when she hung up.



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