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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Big Boy

Our darling son is growing growing growing. He has fat thighs, dimpled knees, and two or three chins. He's not yet a michelin-man-shaped baby but he may never be - we've heard numerous stories of un-fat but perfectly healthy babies. New pictures can be found here.

What this all means is that he's finally started outgrowing the smallest of his newborn clothes. It's very sad to pack away these tiny onesies. I was especially fond of his yellow onesie that matched the living room walls and his light blue onsie that made his eyes look amazing. Sigh! This morning I put him in his goblin king onesie (green and white stripes) but he apparently gaked while in his bouncer and got the back of it soaking wet. So he was wearing it less than an hour. I'll have to wash it up quickly if I ever want to see him wearing it again!

Speaking of the laundry, we're almost out of Dreft. I'm probably not going to buy any more. He will be 11 weeks old this Saturday, almost three months. Lots of stuff (in the skin sensitivity category) is safer for babies after the three month mark. And this here's a hardy one. I think it will be okay to start mixing our laundry. Less housework to do means less housework that isn't getting done. Win-win.

In other news, we switched him to #1 diapers a week ago. Thanks to everyone who gave us diapers! We received a variety of sizes so we're still working on the stash. If you don't need them, save your diaper coupons for us; we use them every week.


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