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Friday, August 05, 2005

Baby, Thy Name Is Co-Dependent

Zander is becoming more difficult to put down for naps. And did I mention he likes to sleep more right now? He gets tired, he gets fussy, he will only be soothed (I use this term loosely, as in 15 decibels as opposed to 22) while one is standing and doing some kind of New Wave baby cha-cha. Better yet, you should also turn off lights, black out windows, and turn down the tv/radio.

The best part though is that when you think he's finally good and gone to la-la land, you put him down only to discover that he's grabbed your shirt in a baby ninja death grip and in the process of prying him off, you will wake him up. Do you do it? Or do you hover inches above his sweet sleeping face, glad that he's not crying, that he's finally gone to sleep?

I like to live on the edge. I managed to extract my clothing and the "sleeping" baby is laying on the couch next to me while I type. . . . I look over and he's watching me through barely slitted eyes. Next thing I know he'll be reading my email and listening in on my phone calls.


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