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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

More Milestones

He has more hair. The long tuft on top of his head is perhaps a bit longer but there's also definitely a thick fuzz of hair coming in on his scalp. It's still the same indeterminite darkish-lightish color that might someday be similar to my hair color...or Matt's. Heh.

The most amazing thing today - in time for Grandma Terry's birthday - Zander sat up (with a little help from me and a boppy to keep himself steady) and PLAYED with a toy! It's a handheld activity center that Lara gave him - it has a squeaky button, a rumbling lever, a spool of tumbling colored balls, and a bell (like an old firehouse bell). I showed him how to use it and he lept upon it with vigor, focusing mostly on the lever and the button. Go baby! His hand-eye coordination still has room for improvement but it was clear that his movements - and their results - were intentional.

Then he had to have a lie down on the boppy and watch some TV. Like father, like son.

He's solidly into the 3-6 month outfits now, only wearing the largest of his newborn stuff. We're guessing he's about 12 pounds. FYI, Zander has lots of clothes in the 3-6 month and 6-9 month sizes. Lots. As in, his whole dresser is full of 3-6 month clothes and there are two ten gallon bins of 6-9 month clothes. As in, I think he might get to wear it all if he wears two outfits a day. We are all three very grateful to be in this position of glut but he probably doesn't need any more clothes until next spring. Just sayin'.

And to keep everything in balance - the cute and the stinky - Zander has been pooping every day since Saturday. With so much regular, um, relief, one might not think it possible but this morning he exploded up and out the back of his diaper. You haven't lived until you've struggled to get a onesie off a baby that's coated inside with poop (who really is the one with a life, you might argue in all fairness). Yes, onesies, those wonderful articles of baby clothing that go on and off via the head.

So then bathtime - Zander is not really sure he likes his bath. It starts off so great: naked. He looooooves naked. But then he gets put into the water and this is where he starts to get worried. It's impossible to clean his neck because he scrunches up his shoulders. He doesn't cry but he's really not sure why you think this is something worthwhile or why he needs to be involved in the process. I think a lot of his concern stems from pickiness over the water temperature - it's always either too warm or too cold. Oh well. He'll understand the joys of water as soon as he figures out how to combine the playtime above with his bath.

He's so intrigued by being on his belly that he's forgotten to practice rolling over from that position. Instead, he's really working hard on rolling over from his back to his front. He'll start crying and I run in from the other room to find him rolled 3/4 of the way over. Just gotta figure out that shoulder and the rest will follow.

Then: watch out world.


At 6:27 PM, Blogger GeeTerry said...

Ahh the Curl of Evil. It's going into stealth mode . . .

At 6:29 PM, Blogger GeeTerry said...

And it has to be said that his GeeStew is not particularly fond of water. I think there is some cat floating around somewhere in the gene -er pool.


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