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Monday, November 14, 2005

6, 3, 3, 1, 4, 14, 101, 5, 5, 4


We have a little number rubric today:

6 is the number of months old Zander is today.

3 is the number of weeks he has had his cold.

3 is the number of days he has run a low temperature.

1 is the number of times Zander threw up today.

4 is the number of times Zander threw up yesterday.

14 is the number of pounds Zander weighed at the doctor's office this morning (double his birth weight - go baby!).

101 was his rectal temperature (deg F) at the doctor's office this morning. The doctor determined that he had a secondary infection in his sinuses - poor baby!

5 is the amount of the doctor's office co-pay.

5 is the amount of the co-pay on his prescription amoxicillan.

4 is the number of hours he slept this afternoon after taking his medicine and then woke up a new and happy baby.

His head is bigger. I thought I was seeing things but several people have commented on it. Grow, my little bean!

Weird things are freaking him out. Like toilets flushing in the bathroom of a restaurant and my neighbor wearing a wide-brimmed hat. He startles and starts screaming and clinging to me. I guess that stranger anxiety is coming on soon.

He's proficiently scooting across the floor these days. Like an inchworm. Slowly and inexorably.

The rant...
Huggies Supreme diapers (not regular Huggies) totally suck. They leak almost every time...because they are trying to be a cloth diaper. They don't leak out the sides or top, but through the back. In case you are not impressed with this complaint: I never have had my bed peed on until this past week in which it happened twice. Luckily little bodies don't produce much urine all at once. (The above picture has nothing to do with these incidents.)

And because these diapers are suckifiably SUPREME, you get 6 fewer diapers than you do in a regular pack of Huggies. We are, of course, talking about the underwhelmingly small Jumbo pack (which lasts about a week). Yeah, all you other parents-of-small-children know what I am talking about.

Happy Six Months, Zander. Mommy will buy you some quality Pampers when we go grocery shopping this week. Because I love you.

And daddy does too.


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