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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Running to stand still

Since last we met here in cyberspace, Zander has suffered and recovered from croup AND a head cold. He's still a little hoarse. Last week was rather a nightmare. Not because it was scary, not too much, but mostly because it was long, drawn out days of inconsolable crying (on the part of babe), fighting sleep (definitely Zander), a very snotty nose (still Z), and a mournful lack of groceries.

Since then we've bought some food, we're down to only 3 kleenex a day, Zander will finally go to sleep on his own . . . but we've entered a whole other territory of nightmare-land.

You perhaps recall us writing about how Zander is crawling really well now. And pulling himself to his feet. And standing. He is SO FAST at pulling himself to his feet, omigod.

Well on Sunday he started cruising. One end of the couch to the other. Sometimes other furniture will get involved. He got very good very fast at falling on his butt and not, say, his head. We have hardwood floors. He also likes to crawl OVER things. He embraces obstacles.

Zander's also made some attempts on the stairs and can climb a few (six is the high count) before that whining-frustrated cry gets his butt yanked. And this is unassisted (although not unattended) climbing. Generally I sit at the top and am the mommy-glittering-jewel-goal and Matt gets to be the catcher. Because Zander gets tired (did I mention the whining-frustrated cry?) and wants to take a break by sitting down. Er. He's small but he's not THAT small.

Finally, truly my favorite of all his new tricks: Yesterday he discovered his hair. He keeps reaching up to his head (and check out a baby next time you get a chance - their arms are only just long enough to reach the top of their head) to finger, twirl, and pull his hair.

(Yes, he's licking the glass.)


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