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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

9 Months old

Well... today Zander is 9 months old. We marked the occasion by taking him to see Dr. Greenly. She was very impressed with his progress. She really liked how much he was moving around and getting close to walking. She also was like how much he is talking to people.

New things of note are that the Dr. pointed out two more teeth that will be coming in soon.. so that should be fun for Carol. This time they are on the top. She also told us some more things that Zander can start eating including some cheese and some meat. For lunch Zander has his first taste of cottage cheese which he wasn't totally sure of. I am sure we will try it again in the future.

Right now its almost 10 pm and Zander is refusing to go to be. He is running around terrorizing him Mom and Cujo.



At 5:29 PM, Blogger Grandma Carol said...

I don't blame you Z --- cottage cheese is yucky!


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