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Friday, April 21, 2006

Zoom zoom

Happy Easter! Merry Pesach!

With the warm weather (and spring break) all the kiddies are outside playing. Zander has been outside everyday and played a bit with a few adoring eight-year-old girls . . . but today, oh today, he was indoctrinated into the neighborhood hoard. Today the BOYS played with him and he LOVED it. You might be surprised to hear that little boys would play with an even littler boy but three-quarters of these boys were brothers and come from a large family (so large we expect them to be expelled from their townhouse any day now). In fact their youngest sibling is a little boy born 2 1/2 months after Zander (but is half again his weight!). These boys were very attentive - fetching balls, making sure he didn't fall, trucking him around in a cart attached to the back of a toddler's bike. It was with great regret that we all had to part ways after an hour and a half of playtime. Zander was reduced to just sitting and staring.

But he held out for a snack, playtime/cuddle time with daddy, dinner, and one final destructive zoom around the living room. And then . . . Zander went to sleep like a ton of bricks. Busy boy.


At 8:05 PM, Blogger GeeTerry said...

Okay. I've been patient. I've been REALLY REALLY PATIENT!!!! Where are some pictures of my delicious most beautiful Zander?
P.S. What great neighbor boys to take time to play with a littler boy!


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