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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Well kid, you made it.

On Sunday Zander turned one year old. His birthday coincided with Mother's Day this year, a phenomenon that will not reoccur until he turns 12 years old. My math-minded pal Patty calculated this (she didn't look at 12 years worth of calendars like I would have). Patty's very smart. Her smartness has not been affected by her four month old baby boy. I cannot boast such an accomplishment.

We had a small party for the boy, mostly family. We tried out a book exchange instead of presents. Results were mixed. Due to my poor invitation design, some people didn't even know there was a book exchange. Some people chose not to participate. But in the end I think all the kids went home with a book and that's what really counts. Zander received a few gifts - a couple toys (all with batteries - damn! but also off switches - yey!), some books, a car seat, and some cash for college.

What's up with the plastic bin? Only Zander knows.

Great gift idea: my mom, on advice from her co-workers with young children, got Zander this baby cell phone made by Parents. (Okay, the description at that website is a little overblown. There are not "lots" of songs. There are two buttons that play brief bursts of music. Also, I think it costs more like $8 if you find it at a physical store.) It looks a lot more like a real phone than other baby toys . . . which means Zander LOVES it. So does my six year old niece. Geeterry, you should have bought TWO.

Yesterday's big adventure? Because how do you top turning one year old? How to not feel like one year and one day old is such a let down? You call 911. Yep. Zander and I were at my neighbor's house and she let him play with her phone. About an hour later, I was home in my living room, Zander was upstairs asleep, and I heard the police at her door saying "We received a 911 call from this address." Crap. So she and I apologized and got glared at a bit and the little criminal woke up later none-the-wiser.

Lastly - Zander had his 12 month check up yesterday as well. He weighed in at 18# 12oz. and was 28.75 inches tall. He's still solidly on the 5th and 20th percentiles, respectively. He got stabilated three times - preventive medicine, y'know. The pediatric nurse was very impressed with his strong walking skills and language skills. He says mama, dada, baba, hi, and even said Tessa on Friday night. Apparently that's a lot for a one year old. Go, Zee!

May the next year be even more fun!


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