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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sniff, sniff

My baby is starting to give up his morning nap, I do believe. Shed a sympathy tear for me. He's been waking up after an hour or less when often in the past he's gone for 2-3 hrs. He does do an afternoon nap, though, so not all sanity is lost. But it does mean that I am trying to type, be witty, and entertain a 12mo old at the same time.

I just realized how tall Zander is, relatively speaking. He was just standing next to the couch, which comes up to his waist. I would have sworn yesterday that it came up to his armpits. I think I saw him growing last night when I checked on him before going to bed myself. You think I'm exaggerating but some of you have also experienced this phenomenon and are nodding and smiling. Yesss...

GTerry yesterday accused me of pushing Zander's belly button at night to make his hair grow. Hah! If only. But he does have the cutest little curls at the nape of his neck that are multiplying all the time. I'm pretty sure he's got my hair - slightly reddish right now and the curls, yep, just check out my toddler pictures. He's got a strong stamp of the daddy in his features though. A good mix, we still think.

Zander had a great time with his Grandma Carol this weekend while Matt and I went canoeing. He played with his special camp grandma toys, played outside, and generally was a very good boy.

Breaking news! Just now, in Zander's attempt to get my attention/annoy me/entertain himself, he worked at peeling off the paper I have taped over the power button on the computer. One of the pieces of tape was pretty ragged so I had to peel it off and put on a new piece. In less than three minutes Zander scraped and lifted the top corner of the new piece of tape and neatly peeled it down and off the paper and computer. Genius, sneaky little boy. I'm punishing him with cartoons on the teley so I can finish typing! Please don't report me to the parent police. ;)

Lastly, it's official, Zander is no longer nursing. He had his last suckle on Thursday morning, skipped his afternoon draught, and pushed me away Friday morning. He hasn't looked back. As people will tell you, it's a bit sad but I think it's a little less sad for Z and I. For one, I'm still mom and he may not be nursing but he sure is clinging to me lots (he's sitting on my lap watching tv). For two, I've had some lingering health problems that may sort themselves out now that my body will stop making all those pregnant/post-partum hormones. For three, lets not forget the hell that was nursing for Zander's first three weeks of life. Breastfeeding may be important - and I will do it again when we have another kid - but it was not the most significant way Zander and I connected.

(Photos are from Zander's birthday party. Nakedness, toys, balloons, and cake - what more could a boy want? "Let 'em eat cake!")


At 8:21 AM, Blogger Aunt Chrissi said...

What a handsome little devil!
Love it! He is getting so big, sooo fast!

At 9:18 AM, Blogger Aunt Chrissi said...

HEY BTW: WE NEED NEW PICTURES! Last pictures in the album are from March!

At 3:25 PM, Blogger Carol said...

I agree, we need new pictures. Will someone please take care of that? Oh wait. That's me. Well see there's this issue of the server migration trashing the organization of the gallery, esp. Zander's album. So I have been putting it off. Your request is duly noted. I will work on it this weekend.


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