This blog is dedictated to our son, Zander.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Keep on rollin'

Zander has done a couple of multiple rolls today combined with (finally) rolling over his right shoulder. All firsts.

He likes to suck on his thumb . . . when he can figure out which one that is.

He didn't think much of the squash we gave him last night and tonight. But then this particular squash (buttercup?) was not my favorite either (acorn or butternut is better). He ate it all though. Every last bite. Just made some faces at us in the process.

I've taken to hiding in the kitchen to eat while he is playing in the living room. Sad, I know, but then he's not hollering at me and making us both crazy.

Zander LOVES to be outside. Somehow it is the perfect combination of cool things to look at but still peaceful and not overstimulating.

Oh and not to neglect the kitty content... Cujo and Zoot these past few weeks have suddenly discovered what fun it is to tear like hell all over the townhouse chasing each other. It's pretty funny. We don't have much in the way of straightaways but we do have TWO full size sets of stairs.

A scene from last week, after playing hard, he crashed right there on the living room floor. Luckily his parents love him enough to throw a blanket over him...

Sunday, September 25, 2005

After the beep, please leave a message...

Chez McLane has been a hive of activity this week. In Zander news, he weighed in at 12# 5oz. at the pediatritian's office. He also got another four vaccinations - which he barely flinched at and certainly slept no more than twenty minutes to recover from.

Zander started eating rice cereal last week. We tentatively tried it when we realized that he was staring at us while we ate and making chewing movements with his mouth. He took to it like white on rice, no pun intended. He's also tried banana which he likes. We cooked up some squash the other night and he'll try that later in the week. We have to just laugh at all the guidelines about feeding babies their first foods - wait until they're in a good mood, take it slowly, let the baby decide how much he wants to eat. This kid is voracious. The only thing he's rejected so far is rice cereal with just water (which tastes like very nice sand). We usually put some juice in it. He's still nursing, of course.

I'm eagerly awaiting the finger food stage because I literally can't put anything in my mouth now without being yelled at by him. And in case you haven't heard, this baby is not a big sleeper. He sleeps well, but not often.

Well, the image loader for blogger isn't working right now so you'll just have to use your imagination... here's a clue: he's still the cutest baby EVER! ;)

Monday, September 19, 2005

It's a Jungle Out There, Baby

I took this picture just this morning. Zander loves his new exersaucer. Thanks Grandma Carol!

Friday, September 16, 2005

My Baby Is a Control Freak

Here's a calm moment from his bath on Wednesday:

Zander is pretty sure that he and water do not mix. No amount of bath toys will convince him or distract him.

He also thinks I should let him type on the keyboard but I told him he has to do that under his own login.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Why me?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Rolling rolling rolling

As you saw here already, Zander's biggest, baddest, hottest, latest trick is rolling over. Generally only over his left shoulder. I think we got a right shoulder roll once this morning. And we're talking about the difficult back-to-front roll. That front-to-back stuff is easy-peasy since it's pretty much just choreographed falling over.

He continues to talk and talk and talk. He's been trying to shape his tongue more so the sounds he makes are changing, sounding disturbingly more like real speech. I would swear he said "I love you" Saturday morning. That's what I get for waking up with the baby at 6:15 AM. Okay, I'll take it.

Only slightly less exciting: our townhouse was broken into this weekend - while we slept in our beds. No, we didn't hear anything and yes some things were stolen but there's a chance we may have scared the thief off since the baby monitor in the living room was still on, blasting all of Zander's moans and cries - I know he woke me up no less than three times that night. Our place got the CSI treatment, which was a poor consolation prize for dealing with the Secretary of State to get a new license.

Zander visited the capitalist middle ages at the Michigan Renaissance Festival on Sunday. The Ded Bob Sho was a bit intense for him but otherwise it was a good stroll with expensive (but not untasty) food.

There was a request for more kitty content. While this is Zander's blog, Zander doesn't mind sharing, so long as we can make it baby-relevant. Seen last week: Zoot did not agree with me that this was a bad place to nap:

Friday, September 09, 2005

Zander's new trick

Hey there everyone. Zander has a new trick that he mastered today. Carol and I video taped it ... and I put it up in my photo gallery.

Check it out..


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

And for my next trick

We don't know how he did it. GeeTerry went to get Zander from his Labor Day afternoon nap and found him chewing on a sock covered fist. All were interviewed and none admitted to moving the sock. Nevermind that Zander would have been very surly if someone had woken him up during his nap to do anything that involved moving his hands or feet. He has pulled his socks off while falling asleep or waking up from naps. Loves dem feets, he does. Now he's just taken it to the next level. Go baby!

Last time we convened at this here blog, Zander was blowing raspberries. Well, that lasted about two days. Then he discovered what we call his "whale song." When happy, especially when being tickled or kissed, Zander would give off these long high peels of joyful sound. He practiced that for about two days. Then for a day he was occasionally doing this funny mouth movement that looks like chewing. Not while he was watching us eat but we still wonder.

Since Monday he's being doing a decent cranky act - crying and fussing and making me CRAZY. I think he's learning to use his temper as a tool, sigh. But then afterward we talk about it and he tells me that he still loves me, he just has communication problems and we make up.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Hey you!

Come look at my new pictures . . . or else I'll cry . . .

Thursday, September 01, 2005


While he's been able to make razzing noises for quite a while now, Zander is a connoisseur of the Raspberry as of last night.

Zander unveiled his new trick last night after Matt left to go to his gaming group and spent the rest of the evening showing off. This morning, when I came downstairs, Matt said to me, "I don't know if this is new or not but Zander keeps razzing." Go baby Z! You're such a smart boy.