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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Me & You

(from 11-11-09; Zander asked me to take this photo)

It has been six weeks and in that time, Elinor is now soooo close to walking. She figured out how to crawl not long after the last post and now speeds around the room. She chases me while I vacuum in the morning; she has no fear of anything. Nor should she. For the past few days, she's started letting go of the couch to play with a toy in her hands, balancing all on her own. It's amazing to see. She'll be eight months old in a week and I would not be surprised if she takes an unaided step before the 18th.

She is very vocal. Her two favorite sounds we call "wildcat" and wookie." She also laughs if she sees something that amuses her (that usually involves her brother)--rather than only when you tickle her. Yesterday I introduced her to the game of chase and she doesn't quite understand the part where she's supposed to run away from me but she does love me to "sneak" up on her and then for me to hide (very obviously behind a corner of the couch) so she can come find me. This game makes her squeal with delight, quite literally.

Zander has settled in to preschool and is having a great time with it. Matt went to the first ever parent-teacher conference on Friday where we learned that Zander is a normal kid. For the record, because I discussed this in a post some months ago - four is not easier than three. He is stubborn as all get out and we fight all day long. Some days are easier but I am SO DONE with crap like telling him it's time to go (doesn't matter what our destination is) and having him dive under a blanket, giggling. This happens every day. I have never given chase. He often gets in trouble for it. I hate it. He knows it. If I get really mad he gets worried and asks if we're still friends. Ugh. Makes me wish I was the one getting a time out.

Elinor is easy by comparison. She wants to play with nightlights and power strips and so requires constant supervision to keep her safe from herself but she is still easier. The six hours a week that Zander is gone at preschool are a peaceful balm in my busy week. If Elinor takes a nap at the same time it's better than winning the lottery. I lay on the couch reading a book and enjoying my slice of silence.

All bitching aside, these kids are great. Zander takes care of Elinor, pulling her away from danger and conscientiously giving her a new toy if she gets into something of his. Elinor adores her brother, laughs at everything he does but also lets him know that she isn't really fond of "wrestling." That's when he grabs her in his arms and starts rolling around on the floor. When she takes a nap, Z and I often cuddle on the couch to read a book or watch a cartoon. He likes to help us cook. He enjoys playing with crafts. I think it's safe to say he's potty-trained now. Accidents are few and far between. One hurdle safely cleared.

(taking a breather on the couch at Sloan's rockin' Halloween party)

For Halloween, Zander was a pterodactyl and he trick-or-treated until he was the last kid from our house left standing (there were eight kids and two babies). Elinor was a skeleton/pumpkin.

The Halloween candy is almost gone, the trees in our yard have dropped all their leaves (61+ bags worth!), and the basement has been cleaned for winter use. Today, Grandma Terry and I set up a kids play area in one of the big basement rooms; I hope it helps provide some variety this winter.

(from 10-6-09; I think Zander requested this photo op also, smart boy.)


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