This blog is dedictated to our son, Zander.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Carol said something about having problems posting pictures in the blog, so I thought I would try one to see if it works.

Here is my picture I call Zanzilla

Big Boy

Our darling son is growing growing growing. He has fat thighs, dimpled knees, and two or three chins. He's not yet a michelin-man-shaped baby but he may never be - we've heard numerous stories of un-fat but perfectly healthy babies. New pictures can be found here.

What this all means is that he's finally started outgrowing the smallest of his newborn clothes. It's very sad to pack away these tiny onesies. I was especially fond of his yellow onesie that matched the living room walls and his light blue onsie that made his eyes look amazing. Sigh! This morning I put him in his goblin king onesie (green and white stripes) but he apparently gaked while in his bouncer and got the back of it soaking wet. So he was wearing it less than an hour. I'll have to wash it up quickly if I ever want to see him wearing it again!

Speaking of the laundry, we're almost out of Dreft. I'm probably not going to buy any more. He will be 11 weeks old this Saturday, almost three months. Lots of stuff (in the skin sensitivity category) is safer for babies after the three month mark. And this here's a hardy one. I think it will be okay to start mixing our laundry. Less housework to do means less housework that isn't getting done. Win-win.

In other news, we switched him to #1 diapers a week ago. Thanks to everyone who gave us diapers! We received a variety of sizes so we're still working on the stash. If you don't need them, save your diaper coupons for us; we use them every week.

Still Laughing

Yes, for all you doubters out there, Zander is still laughing. He laughed at me twice this morning when he was on the changing table getting a new outfit for the day. Kind of a high-pitched, single-note "Ha!" He loves to get dressed. Acutally, I suspect that what he really loves is to be naked. And secondarily to have someone play with him, tugging his arms and legs, talking, and making faces.

Let it be known, however, that he does not like being a barbie doll. More than two clothing changes in a row and he starts to lose track of happy thoughts.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Shits & Giggles

Last Wednesday: Zander went in for his two month check up and weighed in at 9 lbs. 13 oz. He showed off many of his baby tricks to the doctor: pushing himself up with his legs, lifting his head while laying on his tummy, rolling from his tummy to his back, smiling, and chatting. For his efforts, he got four innoculations. Awww.

Last Thursday: After two weeks of freaking us out by holding his poop in for prodigious lengths of time - with the aid of some diluted baby apple juice proscribed by the doctor - Zander finally pooped under his own power.

Saturday: Zander attended his first baseball game, the Lansing Lugnuts vs. the Peoria Chiefs to celebrate his Aunt Chrissi's birthday. Unfortunately the game was rained out in the fifth inning. Not that Zander was aware - he was so overwhelmed by the (relatively tiny) stadium that he went to sleep early in the game to cope with the overstimulation.

Today: Zander pooped again! We all three finally feel like this butt business is on even keel. But the best part of today - and you can imagine it would have to be something really cool to beat out the pooping - Zander laughed. He was in his bouncer and I was sitting next to him reading a novel. I heard an unmistakable bark of laughter and looked up, wondering if he was actually unhappy (since his happy noises are quiet and his unhappy noises are very loud) but no, he was smiling at his toys.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Zander has discovered his mouth. He sucks on his fist, any fabric that lies in the vacinity of his face, as well as arms and knuckles. He doesn't reach for and grab things yet, but if he finds your finger in his grasp and feels so inclined, he will stick the hand-holding-finger combo in his mouth.

He's been working at sitting up straight. While sitting up with his big ol' head hanging down, he likes to watch his toes wiggle. In general, he's spending a lot more time as a happy, alert baby. He smiles, coos, wiggles his eyebrows (or raises one eyebrow - gee, I wonder where he's seen that?), and yesterday he added razzing his lips to his repetoire.

Finally . . . there's been an issue this past week with Zander not pooping. The pediatric nurse told us to use pediatric glycerin suppositories cut in half lengthwise after three days. That produced a small result overnight. But four days later, again there's no poop and now little ZeeBob is starting to be unusually fussy, not eating well, etc. I try another suppository and within minutes he's grunting and turning red as he fills his diaper like a champ. Go baby! Hopefully that's the end of it . . . but if not, the package did come with 12 suppositories.

Monday, July 11, 2005

New verse old song

Tonight when I was putting Zander down for bed, I sang him a song I remember my mother singing to me when I was a kid. So.. I added a special verse just for my Son, and thought I would share it here so I don't forget it.

To the tune of My Little Sunshine,

My little Zander
the day is ending.
It's time for you to go to bed.
You've had all day
to run and play.
Please don't take my sunshine away.