This blog is dedictated to our son, Zander.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hello, hello, it's been a while. But no regrets!

What brings me to you today is Waffle. The story goes that Zander woke us this morning babbling about waffles, which came out of left field because we haven't had any waffles in probably three or four weeks and I wouldn't call them a favorite food of Z's since they are not, at least in our house, covered in ketchup.

Zander continues his discussion of waffles and it gradually emerges that:

1) He is afraid of Waffle;

2) Waffle lives in the basement;

3) Waffle is his friend; and

4) Waffle wants to eat breakfast.

Dressed for the day, Zander runs ahead to the kitchen and busily sets the table for himself and Waffle. They each get their own cereal bowl and sippy cup. Then Zander and I have the difficult discussion of how Waffle can only have invisible milk because Waffle is invisible. Real milk will hurt his tummy because he is invisible. After I explain this three times or so, Zander gives in, happy to receive his own cup full of milk, I suspect.

Luckily for me, Waffle also eats invisible cereal. I am so glad I dodged this arrow and don't have to sacrifice bowls and plates of food to a minor household deity.

On to other things....

Between September and Waffle, we have been busy bees. We gradually threw out all the chewed up mukahs, shopped for a house, bought a house, moved, lost Puppy irretrievably (it disappeared on moving day never to be seen again - there was sadness but no tears and he refused a replacement), started wearing the occassional pull-up, and making cameos on the toilet. Z is taller but still weighs the same, one of nature's great mysteries, I am sure.

He refuses to watch Sesame Street and Blue's Clues is no longer a daily requirement. Cars, the movie, is right up there with The Incredibles as one of his favorites. So is Stuart Little 2. And before you think all my kid does is watch TV - his favorite books right now are Go, Dog, Go! and Green Eggs and Ham. We just got a bunch of Leo Lioni and they seem really good. I highly recommend Stephen Kellogg - we've been mightily enjoying his rendition of Chicken Little so I plan to get more of his entertaining stories.

Zander has many of his books memorized - he sometimes reads them to himself while sitting on the potty. He also traces the words with his finger, which a friend (who has an early childhood development background) told me was an early reading stage. Yey!

Hopefully it won't be so long before we meet again.