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Friday, June 09, 2006

Leggo my LEGOs

I pulled out the LEGOs this afternoon. We have a small collection of hand-me-down superlarge LEGOs. Are those called Duplo or is that a separate brand all together. Just for kicks there are two other brands throw in. One is unlabeled but don't fit the LEGOs and the other are MegaBlocks. Just two or three of those.

Anyway. Zander, of course, loved the LEGOs. I put them together and he grabbed at them with an air of extreme excitement and threw them around his bedroom. It was kind of... maniacal, really. I think he got exicted by all the commotion of me dumping them on the floor. The crashing noise was so much fun it had to be replicated.


Then we found a LEGO car with a horn and, let me tell you, that boy likes to beep horns. There's this tricycle up the street.... the neighborhood kids will tell you about that sometime.

The weebeast stir-eth. I leave you with this photo:

(He was twirling the flower by it's stem... awww!)


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