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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Overhead not last night but the night before:

(I am washing dishes. Zander is in his high chair finishing dinner. Matt has gone upstairs for a moment. Zander twists his head to look over his shoulder in the direction Matt has gone.)

"DAD! I'm done!"


(I am laying on the floor playing with Zander. Zander gets a little rambunctious and starts whopping me on the head.)

I say, "Ow, you're hurting me. Do you want to go to bed?"
Zander replies, "No, mom."


(Zander is so rambunctious that we take it outside. I casually pull up a few weeds and take them to the treeline for disposal. Standing by the porch steps, Zander shouts to me with incoherent anxiety.)

I say, "Don't worry, Zander, I'm coming back."
Zander cries out, "Come back!"

Seriously. All this in one night. We've been able to tell for a while that he's saying full sentences - he's definitely got the cadance down and lots of sophisticated sounds but 95% of the time (he talks a lot!) it's mumbo-jumbo. My favorite is the second one because it was a conversation and not just an outburst or possible mimicry.

And now, another picture-essay:

(The Engineer)

(The Horticulturalist)

(The Warrior)

(The Gourmet)

(Okay, maybe not so gourmet.)


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