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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hunkered down for day three of our brush with the surface of the sun. It's noon right now so it's just starting to get interesting. Monday and Tuesday I thought the heat wave was going to be over Tuesday night but this morning I turned my computer on and found out that it was going until tonight now. I didn't turn on the computer at all yesterday after blowing a fuse by doing nothing other than sit on the couch and read a book. But I am such a child of the '90s, I cannot live without the computer for another twenty-four hours. That and I have a mondo deadline I need to work towards. On the computer.

But you didn't come here to read about all that, did you?

Hm. I just tried to load some photos but Blogger is blogged up. Everything electronic is a little slow today. Oh well. Whatever. I could return to the couch and read the last chapter of the book I started yesterday morning. No, no, there are other things to attend to. Stephanie Plum will still have a bomb strapped to her stomach when I get back to her in a few hours.

Zander got to meet up with his buddy Sloan this weekend. Sloan is a smidge older than Zander and they are very cute to watch together. They still kind of ignore each other in that way that babies do. But it's amazing to see another child making the same hand movements and walking in the same way and getting excited about the same toys - kinda of puts your own little genius into perspective. Children have distinct personalities and preferences but they are not THAT original.

Matt and I think that Zander' s career aspirations currently amount to musician or... well, Matt says astronaut but I'm not sure where he gets that other than his lost childhood dreams. (Yes, he went to Space Camp and everything!) Zander continues to add to his dance repetoire. He twirls, he twists, he bounces. He hums a lot, he might even be trying to sing. I am dredging my memory for all the little songs I knew from grade school music class... because I used to wander around the house and yard as a child singing songs to myself. I used to know a lot of songs. Anyway, it's a great diaper changing tactic. And I used it to soothe him before putting him down to sleep when we were staying at the hotel in Utah last month. And, in general, whenever we feel like having a good time. I also got out a musical bug toy handed down from his cousin Connor - Zander gets it now. Buttons and music. There's nothing more this kid could ask for.

Still talking lots. Having garbled baby conversations. I said last night that when we go in for his 15 mo. checkup in a couple weeks, if they ask me what words he's saying I'm going to have to suggest they ask what words he's NOT saying. I give up on that list I started a few posts back.

And there's been a whole lotta pointing going on. Now he just needs to learn those famous toddler words: What's that?


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