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Saturday, July 29, 2006


(first grilled cheese half-sandwich - which he ate all of by himself)

Zander's newest trick is giving kisses. This is what 25.5 hours of labor was for! Simply the best. He's a terrible kisser (just kinda presses his face against yours) but considering the fact that he's less than 3 feet tall and barely speaks English - nevermind.

Zander loves to play with the stereo. We don't have a place to put it up higher but after a time-out or two, he now knows that NO means NO with the stereo. And when we put on music on the computer (because we're too lazy to change CDs in the stereo, heh) Zander is totally confused. He knows that the stereo makes music but the equalizer is not moving and the sound is coming from the other side of the room...whaa...?

He loves him some melon and blueberries. I think bananas have been surpassed.

He also loves musical books (see, it's all about buttons - the stereo, the books, etc). Don't get me wrong, he loves regular books too and carries them around all the time. But if we go to another kid's house he eventually finds the musical books and spends a large part of his playtime pushing the buttons. He had a Blues Clues musical book from his Aunt Chrissi for Christmas but it died. A couple weeks ago he brought it to me, put it down in front of me and pushed the buttons and looked at me with that question in his eyes - fix it, Momma? But no, it's dead dead dead.

Zander this week inherited a Fisher Price Little People playtimestationthing. It's large and makes noise and has a revolving road and stuff. It also came with a few of the cars and people. He really likes it. Mostly he likes pushing the button (do you see a theme here?) and dancing to the insipid song. Luckily I had a brain shield installed last year when that Leapfrog toy was in constant rotation and my sanity is preserved from insipid songs.

But Zander's alltime favorite plaything (other than me, hah!) is blocks and containers. He likes to put things inside of other things and he prefers it if there's a little bit of a challenge to it. We have a couple of different toys that are an enclosed bin with a hole in the top and balls or blocks or shapes that go into it. He doesn't get the intricate shapes so much yet.

More, there's more! Zander also loves to run through sprinklers and swim in pools. Bathtub, not so much - but I'm sure he'd like it better if we put more water in it.

Okay, I am off to get some baby kisses. Later, dudes.

(playing the kazoo)


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