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Monday, August 14, 2006

One more shelf

Oh gods, not one more shelf!

A few months ago we bought a large shelf from Ikea. You can see it in photos from this entry. It's five squares by five squares. Zander has taken over the bottom two rows (things are no longer arranged quite the same as seen in that photo). Baskets of yarn and video tapes dominate the middle row. The upper two rows have delicate things like a tea set, photographs, books, and projects. Yesterday Zander discovered the videos - just above his head in that photo. They are . . . just . . . almost . . . beyond his . . . reach! Of course the ones he's trying to pull down are the kids videos.

I really don't want to give over one more set of shelves to the baby.

Even as I'm writing this, he's managed to dislodge the slightly larger clamshell case of the Wiggles video, carefully take the tape from the case, carry it over to the stereo, and try to find a place to put it. I went over and asked him to give me the video and then I put it in the VCR for him. He's quite pleased with himself. I have to say, so am I. There was no flagrant abuse of the VHS tape which I can't say was the case a few months ago.

While we're on the topic of children's television, yesterday afternoon Matt put The Wrong Trousers in for Zander to watch and the boy was completely riveted. That's my son! Good taste in movies! Sometimes he and I watch Spongebob Squarepants in the afternoon, right when I'm needing my own nap but Zander has just woken up and won't go down until bedtime - and lately Zander gets screamingly excited about the Spongebob theme song. Hah!

Just now he's dancing along with Captain Feathersword. What a good boy. His love-affair with music and dancing continues with increased passion and energy.

In other news, Zander has his 15 mo. check-up later today. I got up this morning and started making a list of his words and I realized that "ball" is not among them. For some reason, this was not acceptable to me but Zander was up to the task. Between getting up at 7:30 am and before we got home from our walk at 9:00 am, he learned how to say "ball." Genius, I tell you.

(Hippie baby gets ready for his first night out camping next weekend)


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