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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Three . . . Three . . . Three . . . WAKE UP!

We're still here.

Zander's almost two now and full of funny things to say. Above is one example - which he has modified this morning to "Four . . . eight . . . WAKE UP!" because four is his favorite number of the moment. He can also say his ABCs up through F and then he kinda jumps around.

He still loves Puppy - he's making Puppy say "arf" and jump on our bed right now.

His hair is really long but we're all too lazy to get it cut. For a while I didn't want it cut but now it's poking him in the eyes.

He's starting parttime daycare in a few days which is a relief all around. I need time to work as free time becomes increasingly scarce. He still naps but I usually collapse - sometimes nap - while he's sleeping because, who know, two-year-olds are exhausting work. Daycare will also be a relief for Zander because he's very social and will be so happy to have kids to play with more frequently.

He can climb in and out of his crib when the rail is down. And he's interested in the potty but so far he just sits on it long enough to earn the privilege of flushing. He complains that his diapers hurt so I tell him to start using the potty instead. He's still absorbing that one.

Speaking of "hurts" - Zander is often afflicted with "hurts" or things - random things! - are "hot" or he needs "help." Yep, he's a sympathy mooch.

Zander loves books. I recently read him "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" from this large and beautiful treasury of stories that Aaron & Paula gave Zander. He thinks "bears" and "porridge" are pretty interesting. I'm also, for the first time, letting him play with the fairy tale treasury. I was worried he'd hurt it but he's been pretty good with his books. Many mornings he half unloads one of my bookshelves and flips through the books. It doesn't seem to matter which book because he doesn't show a preference for books with pictures. I think he just likes to practice reading.

If we've seen you recently, you've probably heard about Zander's four food groups: pizza (anything flat, like quesadillas and frittata); cereal or soup (spaghettios fall here); pasta (red or white and doesn't matter what's mixed in cause he'll pick it out); chicken (any meat but he LOVES chicken). Zander also loves blueberries (which includes strawberries and grapes) and cookies and trail mix. We've recently turned him on to cocoa wheats which I plan to call porridge next time we have it. Last night at dinner he was mowing on broccoli and saying YUM so you are all my witnesses that Zander likes broccoli!

There's tons more to tell but now it's time for breakfast.


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