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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Out Sick

(Which is not meant to imply an excuse for not posting more often here. There's no excuse for that.)

Zander's had a beastly cold this week. All runny nose and hacking coughs. Poor baby. Err, toddler. He's pretty good with a tissue and can even sorta ask for one in a whiny sick kid kind of way. Doesn't know how to blow his nose and the Internets tell me he won't for 2 more years. Since I won't put either of us through a saline nose drops treatment, I just say "oh poor baby" and hug him and go change my shirt - without complaint! - for the third time that day because I've been used as a Kleenex and the big glob of snot is too gross for even me to just scrape off and keep going (this is all provided I don't have to leave the house - you stay at home types know what I'm talking about, uh huh).

Last weekend was pretty rockin'. Zander's Aunt Chrissi got married to his now Uncle Justin. We were totally lucky in finding a hand-me-down baby suit-thing in the closet. It was a once piece consisting of slacks, button down shirt, and vest. ONE PIECE. Kind of a genius in fabric engineering really. We did have to trade three cases of soda for a pair of shoes that didn't involve velcro to complete the ensemble. He was sharp though, that baby of ours.

We only have about four pictures of him from the wedding - until the honeymooners come home and share their photographic loot. Here he is dancing with his Great-Grandpa Russ:

And another cute photo I found whilst emptying the CF card... I finished a handknit baby kimono yesterday for my new cousin, Caitlyn, born just last week (Congrats Pat & Tanya!). I tried the kimono on Zander's baby doll because I wanted to take pictures and see how it fit something roughly newborn sized. But Zander cried out at the sight of his doll dressed up and snatched it from me.

I believe we are observing here the kiss of death. Immediately after this photo, he ripped the kimono off and heaved a sigh of relief. That's okay, we wouldn't want Zander and his baby to get too attached to that kimono. I'm not so crazy yet that I want to knit things for Zander's toys to wear. As we saw in the last post, nekkid is in.


At 12:00 PM, Blogger GeeTerry said...

I think what is really happening is Zander wanted to make sure YOU weren't getting too attached to another baby. To his way of thinking "There can be only one."


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