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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Haircut

The long awaited haircut photos! Zander got his haircut right around his birthday which was a month ago. I took these last night - the cut is a touch grown out but who cares. Actually, his hair is so messy in the photo, you can only tell that it's a lot shorter than the older pictures.

The little prince in his natural state: pacifier (which is known in our household as a "muka") and that ragged, stained, and much beloved puppy named, you guessed it, Puppy. Zander is sticked Puppy's tag in his ear. (It's his thing, he's always done it. When he recently had an ear infection, the only outward sign other than his persistent cold was that he was sticking Puppy's tag in his ear MORE often.) There ain't much left of the tag at this point.

I can't imagine where he learned this pose from:

And since we took these as well, we may as well post one (Zander loves to play with Photo Booth - the program on my Mac which takes pictures with the computer's camera). Say cheese!


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